Thanks to the merger of Just Foods and Island Seafoods.It now only takes one supplier to keep your restaurant stocked

So now that we’ve merged, you can expect more of the same from us…

Two of the most established brands in the restaurant supply trade, Just Foods and Island Seafoods, have joined forces to become a one stop shop offering everything from oysters to Tabasco, fillet steak to toothpicks, and everything in between. You can still expect the same high levels of service you’ve always gotten from these two suppliers; the only difference is that you only have to remember one number


We serve:

  • – Hotel chains and large hotels independently owned hotels
  • – Restaurant chains and large independently owned restaurants
  • – Manufacturing businesses in the catering field
  • – Government and private institutions such as hospitals, prisons and boarding schools
  • – Wine estates
  • – Coffee shops
  • – Boutique hotels and guesthouses


Just Island Foods is an accredited Level 3 BBBEE company, with a BEE procurement recognition level of 110%.

For every Rand you spend with us, R1.10 can be counted as BEE compliant expenditure.